About Vote Texan

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Welcome to Texas!

The mission of VoteTexan is to be a non- partisan, unifying force that simultaneously welcomes new Texans to The Great State while reinforcing and maintaining the values that make the state of Texas a special place.  You don’t have to be born here to VoteTexan, in fact, many of the greatest Texans were not born here but, as it is famously said, "got here as soon as they could". 


Texas has always been a melting pot of cultures and beliefs wrapping Native American, Spanish, Mexican, Texican, African American, European, and many other backgrounds into one.  Even the name "Texas" comes from the Spanish translation of the native Caddo Indian’s word for Friend, or Tejas.  This friendship is woven through the history of our state, along with common values of fortitude, responsibility, individualism, and most importantly, freedom.  Freedom is a key tenet of Texas and it ranges from the personal freedom to blaze your own trail  through to commercial freedom to run your business as you see fit.  Texas as a state trusts the individual to do what is best for themselves. 


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VoteTexan welcomes independents and both sides of the aisle.  Our goal is to keep Texas, Texas.  The focus is to guarantee that every candidate and policy that has made states like Illinois, California, and New York now unlivable is kept at bay.  That is to say, big government, over-regulation, anti-business, anti-individual freedom policies have no place in the state of Texas.  Period.  Never have, never will.  We, as Texans old and new, must band together to rise above the party line noise, to see the whole picture, and protect everything that has made Texas so great and that has drawn new Texans to our communities.  We must ensure it remains the desirable beacon it has been and is today, by Voting Texan!

Our goal is to create a well informed network of like-minded individuals who want to help keep our great state of Texas, Texas, and ultimately donate some portion of our profits to candidates and propositions who ideologically align with iVote Texan!